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Happy socks for happy feet

aaaaand they’re back! Well priced, fun and easy to wear.. Blends are composed of Combed Cotton and Polyester, Chashmere and Viscose, Merino Wool and even Recycled Yarn w/ Hemp.  Ton’s of styles for Men and Women.  Over 20 patterns / colors to choose from.  Ranging in Crew Cuts, to Over the knee to Tube lengths. 

$10 - $18 a pair.

— samuel

How Egg-citing…

As some of you know, we are hosting our first annual Egg-tastic Egg Hunt.  The search is on at noon!  Kids, Adults, and dogs of all kinds are welcomed.  There will be treats for everyone!


..oh, and the champagne for the mimosas and bellinis are chillin in buckets of ice..

on a side note, no life size bunny outfit for me today.. Blake decided to let me off easy this year with some rabbit ears.. alright, back to work!


blue bell stays true

Michael from Wrangler Blue Bell stopped in the other day to show us the new collection for Fall / Winter 2011… I managed to sneak in a few shots as he and Blake were talking..



In the early 1900’s, a young 20 something year old boy named C.C. Hudson along with several others, buy a few sewing machines and leases a space above a grocery store in North Carolina.  Hoping to capitalize on the booming textile business, he founds Hudson Overall Company.  - Legend has it, a group of railroad workers who were customers, gave Hudson a bell.  This bell soon became covered in the dust of blue denim, hence the name “blue bell” company. 

During World War II, Blue Bell manufactured pants, jackets, military pants, and clothes for soldiers.  The company prospered.

After the war, in 1946, Blue Bell started manufacturing “Wrangler” jeans for cowboys and people who loved rodeos.

The name Wrangler, comes from Blue Bell’s acquisition of the Casey Jones-Work Clothes Company in the 1940’s.  It was a brand name owned by Casey Jones that was rarely used…

Fast forward half a decade of succesful overseaslaunches, endorsements, acquisitions and mergers, and the dropping of the “blue bell” in the 70’s, Wrangler becomes one of the biggest work-wear company in the world. 

In 2004, Wrangler commemorated their 100th year of production by launching Blue Bell by Wrangler (at that time a european exclusive). 7 years later, they bring this limited edition collection into the states. 

We our proud to be one of the few stores in the country that stock this very iconic brand.  These jeans are a reproduction of the early days of the Blue Bell company in terms of attention to detail and quality of fabrics and production, but engineered with a more contemporary fit. 

with that being said…

malibu ripped anti fit $245

beverly drive eddy anti fit $199

"Functionality, Fit and Durability appeals to riders now as it did then.  Blue Bell Stays True."  - Blue Bell Overal Company, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Wrangler BLUE BELL jeans, made in the United States of America.

coming soon.

EVER so soft…

hoodie maza $135

hoodie nocturnal $115

hoodie leek $115

Ladies size extra small - large.



bianca dress cream floral $375

anita top scarf multi $249

joplin crochet vest tea $199

"This season’s vintage-inspired What Goes Around Comes Around Collection (WGACA) is a dynamic balance of 1970s Parisian chic coupled with the American hippie movement of the decade. Creative Director Gerard Maione drew inspiration from the stories and images of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in the book The Beautiful Fall as well as his knowledge and affection for the hippie lifestyle in the cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles." - WGACA


Levi’s Vintage Collection 1967 505

A reproduction of the 1967 505 “mid vees” just came in.  Slim fit, Copper shank rivets, and talon zipper.  Heavily washed with strong sandblasting on the front and light honey comb bunching behind the knee.  Pre-shrunk red selvedge denim. 

Sizes 30 - 36,


— samuel

Naked and Famous S/S ‘11

Naked and Famous has arrived..

slim hoody grey terry $140

"The fabric you see here, is knit on old machines called Tsuri (suspended) Circular Knitting Machines.  These machines were used in the 1800s in Europe to make fine knit fabric, but in 1910 were abandoned due to their slow productivity.  The Japanese knitters were happy to grab up the last few existing machines and imported them to Wakayama, Japan.  There is an estimated mere 100 of these machines still in operation in Wakayama today! 

It takes approx 1 hour to make just 1 meter of fabric on these machines, and because of its slow and hanging operation, and it’s specialty rare German needles, no undue tension is placed on the yarn while knitting.  And, because there is far less tension, the Japanese say it’s almost as if they knit “air” into the fabric!  The result is a vintage and an unique fabric that feels as if it was knit by hand.”

slim shirt blue oxford $115

"This shirt is made in the oldest existing shirt factory in North America, which was founded in Quebec, in 1894.  For over a century, the factory has been producing fine mens shirts as can be seen on the founder on the back of this tag.  The tradition of old-world craftsmanship and apassion for shirting continues to this day.  We import the finest selvedge denim, selvedge chambray, oxford cottons, and other unique and rich shirting fabrics, always from Japan.  But, we leave out all the embroidery, washes or any after effects so we can offer you these pricey cult fabrics at reasonable prices."

thick belt natural $98

Thick natural leather with nickel buckle.  Made in Canada.

weird guy linen blend

Soft + lightweight 8oz fabric, 20% linen 80% cotton with a fully lined striped inside.

..there’s a grey oxford shirt, slim guy raw, skinny guy raw and the red weft weird guy that still need to be photographed.. we’ll have them up soon!!

— samuel